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Mark & Ken's Simpson Desert Ramble
Simpson Desert RambleG'Day Guy's

This is just a little web page dedicated to the "Simpson Desert Ramble" ride that Ken and myself (Mark) will be doing in September 2013.

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What started out as 2 average blokes going for a ride into the "never never"
for a couple of weeks has now turned into a little bit more!

Straight off the bat after mentioning what Ken and I were planning and also getting ourselves into has seemed to of sparked a lot of interest.

Simpson Desert - French LineFirstly I would like to say that what we are doing has already been done many times before and by much better riders than... well myself not Ken, he's a bloody good rider!

Please Donate to the Royal Flying Doctor ServiceNow I won't bore you here with all the fancy bullshit of why we're doing it and the inspirational crap that goes along with it, but instead I'll just say...

"We both love riding motorbikes, we both love getting out and away from it all and why not throw in a little challenge for ourselves for good measure!"

You will see that we now have a few sponsors for the ride which was not our first intentions, but hey... who's gunna say no to a bit of help along the way!

Simpson Desert Ramble - Mud Map
5th of Sep 2013:
Hey Guy's, well the 2 bikes are now ready to Go! All the setup & servicing is now done with the exception of Ken's new tyres which he is getting from Elliott Bros of Bendigo the day before we leave. Now it's onto the Packing of the bikes! Cheers... Mark & Ken

Please Donate to the Royal Flying Doctor ServiceFundraising        We Raised: $3,310
We decided to take this opportunity to help pay back a debt of thanks to the Royal Flying Doctor Service by making this ride a fundraising trip benefiting the RFDS.

Check out the "About RFDS" page to see why we owe them a debt of thanks... sometimes when something works so well we all can become complacent about it.

Check out the Thank You Photos for all the Awesome people who have generously donated so far.

Ride Information
Simpson Desert Ramble - Mud MapNear the top of the page you'll see the menu with a few pages:

The Route page will show you the route and
also the itinerary we have set for the ride.

The Riders & Bikes is a brief run
down on us and the motorbikes.

The Tracking / Updates will explain the Spot Tracker
and also where you can get updates as we go along.

The About RDFS page tells you why we have chosen to support the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Filming the Adventure
Simpson Desert Ramble - Videos
Yep that's right, as usual I'll be filming the ride and hopefully bringing you guys along for the ride. Even Ken is getting geared up to help with the filming!
Because of the outback locations that we'll be going through I won't be able to upload footage along the way as internet reception will be poor to non-existent.

Once the trip is completed I'll create a series of videos with all the footage and then upload it to the Biker Bits Australia YouTube Channel.

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Simpson Desert Ramble