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Faarken Biker Boot Lickers - Route 66 - White
Faarken Biker Boot Lickers - Route 66 - White
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Patch - Retro Indian Motocycle 1901
Patch - Retro Indian Motocycle 1901
Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
Product Code: SURV001 -
Category: Camping & Travel Gear
Manufacturer: Biker Bits Australia
Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
Click to enlarge
Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
Click to enlarge
Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
Click to enlarge
Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
Click to enlarge
Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
Click to enlarge
Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
Click to enlarge
Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
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Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
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Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit
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Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit

This is a Survival Kit & First Aid Kit for the Adventure Motorcyclist.

We've (Mark & Nay) designed this Motorcycle Survival First Aid kit from our own experiences, being On Road and Off Road riding with groups of riders and also riding solo.

This kit is optimised for the Australian environment.

Kit Size, Relevant Content and an Affordable Price were the 3 main priorities we wanted to achieve. Catering for common injuries or incidents that adventure bikers may experience while out in places that are far from help.

The idea was to create a kit that you could throw into your saddle bag ready for your next big outback trip and know that you have the main tools and gear to help yourself if and when things go bad.

= The 7 Basic Components of this Kit =

Some Common Injuries while Motorcycle Riding and Camping

Cuts and Abrasions:
Falling off your motorbike, swiping trees and even busting your knuckles while fixing or maintaining your motorbike. Accidents while collecting wood for the campfire and of course those damn blisters.

Falling off your motorbike or even hitting that stump with your foot can easily fracture or break bones.

Eye Injuries:
Bugs and Debris flying or blowing into your eyes and the nasty one... petrol splashing straight up into your eyes.

From Windburn & Sunburn to Heat Burns from Hot Exhausts and Engines. Tripping over tent pegs and falling into fire!!

Bug Bites & Rashes:
The list of Aussie bugs trying to attack riders and campers is endless and we all know how irritating these can be if the little buggers get you. If not treated bug bites and rashes can easily ruin a great motorcycle & camping trip. 

Survival in the Outback!
We're talking about "off the beaten track", "side tracks and trails", "The Never Never", ...not the Birdsville Track! People don't perish in the outback on the major roads and tracks.

If you don't have water you won't last long... no matter how good your knife is or how great you can make a fire. All the survival skills and equipment in the world are not going to help if there is no water!

Outback Survival starts before you even get on your motorcycle! 

No 1. Inform someone of where you're going and the route you're taking. Set a time of return for short trips and check-in points with them for long trips.
No 2. Always carry as much water as possible, not what you need to get to the next water source.
No 3. If shit goes wrong stay with your Motorbike. Set yourself up for a long wait. Do as little as possible to conserve your water. YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY NOT WALK YOUR WAY OUT!!
No 4. Be ready with your signal options.

Motorcycle Survival First Aid Kit Specifications:

The Kit Bag
1 x Multi Compartment Kit Bag

Made from durable lightweight nylon with zip closure, strong carry handle and tie down points.
The bag is water resistant (NOT waterproof).
Fully loaded bag dimensions:
Length 18cms x Width 13cms x Depth 10cms - Weight: 960grams

First Aid Gear
Below is a comprehensive list of the first aid items in this kit.

1 x Trauma Shears
1 x Tweezers
6 x Safety Pins
2 x Iodine Pad Swabs
5 x Cotton Tips
4 x Alcohol Swabs Pads
2 x BurnAid Burn Gel Sachets
1 x Triangular Bandage Disposable
2 x Splinter Probes
2 x Eye Wash Pods 20ml
1 x Emergency Blanket
1 x Instant Ice Pack (single use)
2 x Itch-Relief Cream Sachets
2 x Antiseptic Cream Sachets
2 x Eye Patch / Pads
1 x Roll of Adhesive Tape Paper
2 x Elastic Bandage Clips
4 x Non-Sterile Gauze Swabs 7.5cm
4 x Non-Sterile Gauze Swabs 5cm
1 x Combine Dressing
1 x Wound Dressing Large
1 x Crepe Bandage 5cms wide x 4 meters long
2 x Butterfly Wound Closure
4 x Plastic Plasters (Bandaids)
4 x Fabric Plasters (Bandaids)
2 x Fabric Plasters - Large Patch (Bandaids)
1 x Cut to Size Dressing Strip 6cm wide x 10cm long
1 x Large Pair Gloves Nitrile Powder Free
1 x Ziplock bag

Survival Gear
Below is a comprehensive list of the survival items in this kit.

1 x Forsyth - Folding Knife
      Closed Size: 110mm - Open Size: 195mm - Blade Size: 8.5mm
1 x Mini Cheap Bastard Multitool
      Needle Nose Pliers
      Wire Cutters
      Knife Blade
      Saw Blade
      Phillips Head Screwdriver
      Flat Head Screwdriver - Small & Medium
      File, Bottle Opener, Can Opener
1 x Mini BIC Lighter with cable tie safety stopper
1 x Magnesium Flint Striker
1 x Pocket Survival Compass
1 x Emergency Whistle
1 x Utility Blade
1 x Rescue Signal Mirror with built in aiming sight & compass
1 x Fresnel Lens - Credit Card size 3 X Magnifier
1 x Mini LED Torch with Carabiner
1 x Mini Pencil
4 x Cotton Balls (tinder)
1 x 550 Paracord 7 string - 2 metres (carry handle)
1 x Nylon String Line - 2 metres
1 x Trace Wire - 1 metre (Snare)
1 x Duct Tape - 1 metre
1 x Sewing Kit
1 x Mini Fishing kit Container
      1 x - 50 foot/15 metres Fishing Line
      2 x - Hooks
      2 x - Swivels
      2 x - Sinkers
      2 x - Worms (Fake)
2 x AquaTabs (water purifying)
2 x Sunscreen Sachet
1 x Large water source bag
1 x Coffee Sachet
1 x Tea Bag
1 x Foil Container
1 x A4 Note Paper
1 x First Aid Hints Sheet
1 x Survival Hints Sheet

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