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Trentham Falls
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August 2009

Trentham Falls
AirHawk Cushions on motorcycle
Nay and I had been talking about checking out Trentham Falls for a while now and today looked like a great day for a ride on the motorcycle.

It was also a good chance to test the new AirHawk cushions I had purchased for use on our long motorcycle trips.

We strapped on the airhawk cushions jumped on the bike and headed south out of Bendigo.

The weather was great for riding and we just took our time cruising along enjoying the scenery as it went by.

Our first stop was Vaughan Springs, a great little place tucked away from the busy world in central Victoria.

We had now been on the motorbike for about an hour and we were trying to work out if the AirHawk cushions had made a difference?

Vaughan Springs
Vaughan Springs
Vaughan Springs
Swimming spot
Vaughan Springs
Mineral springs pump

Vaughan Springs
Just mucking around!
We came to the conclusion that we didn't think they made that much of a difference.

I let some more air out of them as the AirHawk guy said it's important to sit in the cushion not on it.

See Airhawk Cushion Page for updates!

Anyway we had a stroll around the place and pumped some mineral water from the springs that are located there... mineral water yuck!!

Back on the bike and heading for Trentham Falls... Oops wrong turn BUGGER!!

Oh well we'll just follow our nose and the sign posts and see where we get.

Vaughan Springs
Oops dirt road... oh well
Vaughan Springs
We loved the dirt road
Tretham Falls
Trentham Falls

Trentham Falls
Just walked back up from the falls.
Whoops dirt road... that's what happens when you do a wrong turn, as it turned out the dirt road was smoother than some of the bitumen roads we traveled on.

Trentham this way, excellent were back on track!

We make it to Trentham and find our way to the falls, which we had no expectations of being anything great.

We only had to walk a 100 meters and there it was... with that beautiful sound on water free falling into the river below.

Trentham Falls
Trentham Falls, Victoria
I was actually surprised by the size of the falls, I think Trentham Falls is way better than McKenzie's Falls that we saw at the Grampians.

They have two lookout spots at Trentham Falls which are not bad, but to really get that ore inspiring view you have to be a little bit naughty.

My Dad has said on occasions that "a little bit of naughty always makes it taste better." Well I think he's right.

There used to be a track down into the falls, but due to rocks falling from the cliff faces the track has been closed down for public safety.

We went down anyway (being mindful of why the track was closed) and WOW what a difference it was to be down there, a totally different experience.

Next we headed homeward towards Bendigo with a quick stop off at Lake Eppalock.

Easy Rider Bike
The Easy Rider bike!!
Lake Eppalock
Lake Eppalock
Sunset at Lake Eppalock

We stopped off at a small petrol station in redesdale and oh my god I couldn't believe my eyes when 2 blokes were trying to push this motorcycle out the front door of the petrol station.

It's the famous motorbike (replica) from the 1969 movie Easy Rider staring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and also Jack Nicholson. It was so cool, the guy said to nay she could sit on it, but she was to scared!!

Lake Eppalock... not what it once was. The photo above shows Nay standing next to the motorbike with the lake in the far distance. Once upon a time the water would have been over Nay's head... SHOCKING! This is Bendigo's main water supply catchment.

Well the journey was just as good as the destination!

Happy riding... Mark

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