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Motorcycle Fuel Consumption
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Below is a simple Fuel Consumption Calculator.

You can find the average fuel consumption of your motorcycle
over a certain period by typing in the distance traveled and the fuel consumed.

Using this calculator you don't have to worry about the numbers being in gallons or litres or kilometers or miles.

Motorcycle Fuel Consumption Calculator * Use whole numbers only
Litres of
Fuel Used
or Clear
Kilometers you get
per Litre of Fuel

Example of how I worked out the fuel consumption of my
'09 Suzuki Boulevard C50:

I went to the petrol station and filled the motorcycle up to the bottom lip of the filler hole on the petrol tank. I also reset my trip meter
* if you don't have a trip meter just take a note of your mileage meter.

I then rode the bike until it was nearly empty (this can be one day or a month). I then went and filled up again to the same spot in the petrol tank.

On the petrol pump it told me that I had put 18 litres in, which means I had used 18 litres of fuel (this figure goes in the "Litres of Fuel Used" box).

I checked my trip meter and I had done 280 km's (this figure goes in the "Kilometers Traveled" box).
* if you took your mileage meter, now take the new reading away from your first reading and you will have how many kilometers you have done.

Now by dividing the 280 km's traveled by the 18 litres of fuel used I get a fuel consumption of 15.56 kilometers per litre of fuel. (click the "Calculate" button and you will get your fuel consumption figure in the yellow box).

Note: You will get better fuel consumption on highway riding as apposed to around town riding... just something to keep in mind.

Motorcycle Road Trip Fuel Calculator

You can use this calculator to work out how much fuel you will need for your next big motorcycle road trip.

All you have to do is type the total number of kilometers your trip will be and then type in the number from the above yellow box and type it into the yellow box below. Then click the "=" (equals) button. This will give you the total litres of fuel needed.

Total Trip
Kilometers you get
per Litre of Fuel

Click Equals Button
Litres of Fuel
Needed for Trip

Motorcycle Road Trip Fuel Cost Calculator

You can use this calculator to work out how much your total fuel costs will be for your motorcycle road trip.

You can use this calculator like any normal calculator.

Just type in the number from the green box above (don't worry about the numbers after the point (.) and times it by today's average petrol price.

200 x 1.40 = 280
200 litres x $1.40 per litre = $280.00

I hope these calculators have been of use to you!

Keep on Riding
Cheers... Mark

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