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Traveling Australia by Motorcycle Tips
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Australian Speed Limits
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Motorcycle riding
within Australian
speed limits

Speed limits in Australia range from 10 kilometres per hour in *Shared Zones to 130 kilometres per hour.

Please Note: Speed limit signage is in kilometres per hour.

*A shared zone refers to a section of street in Australia where pedestrians, cyclists and motorised traffic share the same road space.

Pedestrians have right-of-way over motorists/cyclists at all times, and normal crossing rules do not apply.
Australian Shared Zone Sign

Australian states and territories use two "default" speed limits. These apply automatically in the absence of 'posted' speed restriction signage. The two default speed limits are:

within built-up areas, 50 kilometres per hour, except for the Northern Territory which remains at 60 kilometres per hour.
outside built-up areas, 100 kilometres per hour; two exceptions are Western Australia and the Northern Territory at 110 kilometres per hour.

Common speed zones above the default limits are:

Above 50 kilometres per hour
Many sub-arterial roads are zoned 60 kilometres per hour.
Major connector roads and smaller highways are zoned 70 kilometres per hour , 80 kilometres per hour or 90 kilometres per hour.
Above 100 kilometres per hour
Some highways and freeways are zoned 110 kilometres per hour
The Stuart, Arnhem, Barkly and Victoria highways in the Northern Territory are zoned 130 kilometres per hour.

Advisory speed signs for curves
or other road obstacles

These signs mean you can continue at the speed limit but if you don't wont to have an accident slow down to the advised speed indicated by the sign.
Australian Shared Zone Sign

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the 60 km/h urban default limit was progressively lowered to 50 kilometres per hour nationally for reasons of road, and especially pedestrian, safety.

However, many existing roads, especially subarterial roads in urban areas, have had 60 km/h limits posted on them.

Queensland's Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (Speed Controls) states that 60 km/h is the general minimum speed limit for traffic carrying roads.

The Northern Territory has retained the 60 km/h limit; however, 50 km/h is also a common speed limit (particularly in residential areas).

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