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The Great Australian Ride 2012
August 2012

The Great Australian Ride is about Adventure, Courage, Freedom and Helping raise much needed money for Sids and Kids.

The Great Australian Ride

I made it to Cameron Corner!

The Great Australian Ride
We helped raise $26,275

Can a Suzuki Boulevard C50 make it from the east coast to the west coast of Australia travelling straight through the centre?

Well we're gunna find out!

Holy Crap...
what have I gotten myself into!

I'd been looking at this ride for a while and after much "google earthing" decided it would be too hard to complete on my '09 Suzuki Boulevard C50.

But it just kept eating at me... this challenge was sitting there in my head and I couldn't resist it anymore, so the other night at 1.00am I said "What The Hell I'm going to try and do it and whatever happens ..happens".

I signed myself up and paid the $300 donation money straight away just in case I changed my mind again.

Well that was it, all I have to think about now is "how the hell am I going to keep up with these blokes on their adventure motorcycles"???

YouTube Channel

I have created a Playlist within my YouTube Channel and have called it "The Great Australian Ride" See Playlist Here!


Well, thought you might be interested to know that I didn't make it all the way across the middle of Australia on my Boulevard... SUPRISE SUPRISE :-)

However I had one hell of an adventure trying! We helped raise close to $25,000 for Sids and Kids.

Check Out The Video story of my adventure of trying to make it across Video Play List

You can also see here who made it and who didn't - Meet the Crew

The Great Australian Ride

The Great Australian Ride

The Great Australian Ride

The Great Australian Ride

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