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Postie Bike Adventure Ride
YouTube Playlist! Facebook Updates!
March 2013

Postie Bike Adventure Ride
Hey Guys, This page is all about the outback adventure trip that I'm doing with the little black Postie Bike.

What started out as a project of creating the poor mans adventure bike has now turned into a week long Outback Adventure including doing the Scrapheap Adventure Ride supporting a very good cause Down Syndrome NSW.

I have had so much fun stripping down the postie bike and respraying it Matte Black and then setting it up for doing the adventure ride, oh and not to mention the test riding!

Departed: 26th of March 2013
GPS Tracking of the Postie BikeClick here
to see where
I am or to follow along

My plan is to ride to Menindee NSW, camp there somewhere out at the lakes. Have some fun in the sand dunes and get some cool photos and video footage.

Then it's onto Burke NSW for the Scrapheap Adventure Ride, where I'll meet up with some pretty cool characters and their scrapper bikes!

Srapheap Adventure Ride 2013 - Back O' Bourke

I will have my Spot Tracker on and running the whole way, so if you want to see where I am or follow me along just click the spot Tracker Thingy above.

Anyone is welcome to friend me or use the follow option on my Facebook profile to get updates as I go along (links are at the top of the page).

Cheers... Mark
Keep on Riding!

UPDATE: Well I made it there and back and had a blast at the camel farm!
You can see what happened on the Adventure here: YouTube Playlist!

Here are some photos of getting the little postie ready for it's big adventure!

Srapheap Adventure Ride 2013 - Back O' Bourke

Srapheap Adventure Ride 2013 - Back O' Bourke

Srapheap Adventure Ride 2013 - Back O' Bourke

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