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Misc Motorcycle Rides & Stuff

Here are some landmarks we have gone to or come across while riding our motorcycle. I have added mile stone rides and other misc motorcycle rides & stuff here as well.

Hope you find them interesting!

Motorcycle Breakdown
Motorcycle Breakdown

It started out like any other breakfast ride, a beautiful sunny morning with the thought of getting out on the open road and leaving all the day to day shit behind.

Until it all went wrong!!

January 2012 > Click Here to See

IRON BUTT Motorcycle Ride
IRON BUTT Motorcycle Ride

Over 1000 mile motorcycle ride within 24 hours!

This long motorcycle ride was not intended to be the purpose of doing over 1000 miles within 24 hours, it's just what ended up happening.

October 2011 > Click Here to See

Geographic Centre of Victoria
Geographic Centre of Victoria

Journey to the geographical centre of Victoria, well not really a journey as it's only about 10 km's from where we live.

Nay and I had seen the signs many times and on one occasion we tried to find it but was unsuccessful.

December 2009 > Click Here to See

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