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Faarken Biker Stirrups
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Wednesday, 20th November 2009

Faarken Biker Stirrups
This was on the underside of the packaging.

Bloody fantastic idea!

I ordered these biker stirrups after getting sick and tired of my denim jeans riding up over the tops of my boots.

I'd tried lots of different things but something was always a pain in the butt or looked funny.

I got these ones from a guy in the states who sells them under the name "Faarken Biker Stirrups".

I was very impressed with the construction and materials used in these biker stirrups.

These Biker Stirrups are solid and really easy to get on and off, I've tried other ones and found them to be tedious at times to operate.

Faarken Biker Stirrups
Made from tough material
Faarken Biker Stirrups
Looks great and function so easy.

Faarken Biker Stirrups
Wear them on and off the bike!
Faarken Biker Stirrups
Holds down my wet weather pants!

I reckon they look great and of course they function fantastic. Since getting them I have done a 230km round trip with them on and I was getting up to speeds of 130kms an hour.

They are rock solid

You can now purchase Faarken Biker Stirrups online from us:

Click here to browse our Faarken biker Stirrups range

Happy riding... Mark

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