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Traveling Australia by Motorcycle Tips
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Climbing Mount Kosciuszko
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October 2012

Climbing Mount Kosciuszko Motorcycle Adventure
Challenge Accepted & Completed
This is our Adventure to the Roof Top of Australia.
Nay and I rode Harry (Boulevard C50) 500kms to Thredbo, NSW on Saturday to climb Mt Kosciuszko!

It was supposed to be an easy thing to do... but bloody hell what an unfortunate series of events that unfolded before us.

Harry's back rack broke off on one side, the walk way to Mt Kosciuszko was covered in snow a lot of the way and we didn't make it back for the last chair lift down!

While it was a hard slog to complete our challenge of climbing Mount Kosciuszko and the problems with the bike on our way there, we really had a great time together doing it!

It's always the unexpected things that happen and the problems that arise that make you look back on trips like this and say... gee that was a great adventure and we were able to overcome all the little obstacles in our way.

Hope you enjoy the video of our little adventure!

Cheers... Mark & Nay
Keep on Riding!

Climbing Mount Kosciuszko Video

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