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Boulevard C50 Ultimate Seats
*You can click on images to enlarge!
Boulevard C50 Ultimate Seats

Let me start by saying "these are the best motorcycle seats I have ever sat on".

after searching around for quite some time on the internet I came across these motorcycle seats located in Canada.

Their called Ultimate Seats and that is really what they are.

I just rencently did a breaky run with a few mates and we covered over 250kms.

We did 2 straight rides for over 100kms without stopping and both times I hardly even moved my ass. These Ultimate Seats beat the Airhawk seat pads... hands down.

Boulevard C50 Ultimate Seats
Boulevard C50 Ultimate Seats

Oh and the back rest is sensational, I've never ridden with one before and I can tell you that it really makes a huge difference to the enjoyment of those long rides.

I didn't think they were going to look real good on the bike, but I think they actually look better than the original suzuki seats.

Boulevard C50 Ultimate Seats
Boulevard C50 Ultimate Seats

I paid $875 AUD for them including the shipping to Australia. You have to email them to order the seats in Australia as the shopping cart does not handle overseas orders.

You can see the official website here:

I did have to bend the front tongue downwards on the rider seat to get it to fit right and also had to drill a hole in the back plate to make the hole align correctly.

The seats are listed as "Boulevard C50, C50T, 2005-2008" and my motorcycle is a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard C50, so that might explain the small adjustments I had to make.

Now we ride in style and comfort with these new Ultimate seats.

Happy riding... Mark

Comment Script


Hi, looks great, my wife and I suffer whilst riding on these original seats on our boulevard . What is the widest dimension of the pillion seat. Cheers

G'Day Jason, it is 36 cm or 14 inchs at the widest point. Cheers... Mark
#1 - Jason - 06/23/2012 - 19:33

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