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Motorcycle Wheel Chock
You can click on images to enlarge! Video at bottom of page!
January 2012

Motorcycle Wheel Chock
I bought this motorcycle wheel chock about five months ago with the idea of using it on my trailer.

I had no real necessity for transporting the motorcycle on the trailer, but I thought it would be fun setting it up.

I found it really useful for tinkering around on the motorcycle as mine doesn't have a centre stand and sometimes it's a pain not having the motorcycle in a straight vertical position.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Motorcycle Wheel Chock - Fantastic
Whether I'm polishing the bike, installing a new part, changing the oil or mucking around with ways to tie travel bags on the back of the bike the motorcycle wheel chock is something that I use all the time.

Just Recently I had a motorcycle breakdown about 50 km from home and a mate and I decided to grab his trailer instead of waiting for RACV to turn up two hours later.

We rode back on Craig's motorcycle and grabbed his car and trailer, then grabbed my ramps and motorcycle wheel chock.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock in trailer
Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock, Ramps and Trailer

Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Motorcycle free standing
Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Roped down and driving away

Having the motorcycle wheel chock was fantastic and made the whole thing so much easier.

Being able to have the motorcycle sitting in a vertical position made tying it down very simple.

It was also very reassuring knowing that even if the ropes did come loose a bit, the motorcycle was not going to just fall over.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock in ready position
Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock in lock position

Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock in ready position
Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock in lock position

The motorcycle wheel chock has an adjustable dimension to accept wheels from 16 to 19 inches. It is a solid steel construction, fully welded. There is a locking tab for additional security and has a thick powder coating.

Designed to be used on your trailer or on the back of your ute for the ease of holding your motorcycle upright while you strap it down.

The motorcycle wheel chock is great for use in your garage for maintenance and cleaning when your bike does not have a centre stand.

Wheel Diameter: 16 to 19 inches
Maximum Weight Capacity: 500 Kilograms
Weight of Motorcycle Wheel Chock: 13 Kilograms
Quality Assured, Fully CE Certified

Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Wheel chock locking tab
Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Can be bolted into place

Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Motorcycle Wheel Chock
Motorcycle Wheel Chock
16 inch motorcycle wheel

There are many different types of motorcycle wheel chock systems on the market and many different prices for them.

I bought this one off of eBay and it only cost $150 including shipping… An absolute bargain!

Happy riding… Mark
Don't Forget to Ride the Back Roads!

Video of the Motorcycle Breakdown
Features the use of the motorcycle wheel chock.

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