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Traveling Australia by Motorcycle Tips
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About Us

I'm just an average bloke, I'm not an expert at anything and you guys are seeing me stumbling through my time with motorcycles, camping and all things Man Cave.

I never thought of my YouTube page as a channel, just a place to upload my videos sharing my motorcycle experiences whether they be good or bad or whether I look like a total beginner. I'm not hiding anything!

Our Current motorcycles: '09 Suzuki Boulevard C50 - Suzuki DR 650 - Suzuki Intruder 250 - 3 x Honda CT110 (Postie Bikes).

I love tinkering in the man cave, learning/figuring out new things to do with motorbikes and camping! Nay loves creating stuff in the wood shed.

If I can entertain or inspire people to just give things a go or help people to learn about stuff even if its from my own mistakes I reckon that's Gotta be a good thing! Over the past years it's been your comments and other YouTube videos that I have learned from myself.

It's about having adventures with the bikes and getting away from the bullshit of normal life & of course sharing it with you guys! Whether that's out on the road or here in the Man Cave.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood
... but the second one is up to you and no one else!

Motorcycles we have owned:

Honda XR80
Had a ball on this as a young fella with all my mates.
Honda XL250
got this one so that I could ride to work legally for 3 months prior to getting my car license
'09 Suzuki DZR 250
after 22 years of not owing a motorbike I went out and purchased a brand new one hoping to reclaim my youthful lust for life
'85 Suzuki Intruder 750
I bought this one after realising that I enjoyed riding on the roads more then the dirt tracks and that I couldn't take Nay with me.
'09 Suzuki Boulevard C50 (800)
Nay and I loved riding together so much we sold the DZR and the Intruder and we haven't looked back.
Suzuki DR650
Had to get an off road bike, the cruiser was getting out of control on the dirt.
Honda CT110 (Postie Bike) x 3
These bikes have been and continue to be the best fun ever.
Suzuki Intruder 250
A great little bike that Nay has learn't to ride on.

Hope you enjoy the web site
, we are always happy to hear from other riders whether your a Sunday morning rider or a 3 month adventure rider!

Keep On Riding! Cheers... Mark & Nay

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