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Suzuki DR650 Mods & Stuff
Photo was taken on the way back from picking it up and I was bloody excited!

G'day guys,
after a lot of people asking the same questions about where did I buy this and how much did I pay for that... I decided to create this page to help people and also to make my life a little easier!

2009 Suzuki DR650 SE
I bought it second hand for $5,350.00 AUD
and found it via
It had 1,600kms (994 miles) on the clock which meant it was practicly run in for me!

I paid $150.00 AUD for the roadworthy

My idea was to spare no expense on doing up the stock DR650 and creating a Dual Sport Bike that would go anywhere and take on anything that I could throw at it. In addition I wanted to do most of it myself and learn as I went, while videoing and sharing my experience... good and bad with anybody that was interested.

Back in 2013 ready for the Simpson Desert

To Keep things real... the bike was not totally stock from the factory. It had been lowered front and rear and had some unbranded aftermarket exhuast on it, along with a 14 tooth front sproket. The original stock exhaust & 15 tooth front sproket was included in the deal. Oh and 2 road tyres which will never be used :-)

REMEMBER... This is what I did to my DR650, it's not the right way or the best way of modifying your DR650.

I have done a lot of videos and I know it can be tricky trying to find the one with the particular modification/upgrades in it. So this page will have links to the relevant videos.

I will also link to website's that I have bought the particular upgrade parts from. I did get some stuff through sponsorship, but I have listed everything at the retail price at the time.

LIST OF SUZUKI DR650 MODIFICATIONS and UPGRADES in no particular order.
Project Period: May 2013 to August 2017 and still ongoing!

B&B Off Road Bash Plate
B&B Off Road Engineering
Renthal Fatbar Handle Bars
(Ricky Carmichael)
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Bar Risers to suit Fatbar
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Bark Busters Jet01
Motorcycle Accessories Australia
Bike Windscreen
Brand: ScreensForBikes
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Safari Tank 30 Litre
Safari Tanks
Large Tool Box
DIY - Made it myself
B&B Offroad Rear Rack
B&B Off Road Engineering
B&B Offroad Luggage Rack
B&B Off Road Engineering
Gen2 Side Racks +
Wolfman Expedition Dry
Saddle Bags - COMBO DEAL
Wolfman Renegade Duffel Bag 20 litre
Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag
Auxiliary LED Lights x 2
Ebay - Search for
10watt LED Cree Lights
Foot Peg Lowering Kit
Frame Guards
Sargent Seat
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Heated Grips
Ken Johnston (clerance bin)
DRC Team Grips
Elliott Bros Motorcycles
DRC 161 Off Road Mirrors
Elliott Bros Motorcycles
DRC 601 Led Blinkers
Elliott Bros Motorcycles
DUNLOP D606 Tyres
Front & Rear
Elliott Bros Motorcycles
Staintune Exhaught system
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Exhaught Sheild
DIY - Made it myself
Head Light Protector
DIY - Made it myself
Lithium Battery
Ebay - Search for
DR650 Lithium Battery
Case Armour
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Rear Spring 8kg
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Re-valve Rear Shock Absorber
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Front Fork Springs - Size .48
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Rear Sproket - 44 tooth
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Super Heavy Duty
RK - XW Ring 525 chain
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Gold Valve Emulator Kit
36mm for front Forks
Vince Strang Motorcycles
Rally Moto Steering Damper
Vince Strang Motorcycles
B&B Off Road Oil Cooler Guard
B&B Off Road Engineering
ProCycle DR650
Lowered Foot Pegs
Vince Strang Motorcycles VIDEO
Total including cost of Bike:


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